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Ten Web Series you must Binge-Watch.

Vikings are people who belong to the middle Europe region, who traded and invaded most of western Europe. This series is based on Ragnar Lothbrok, who was the greatest invader during that time. This series shows us a different culture and a different set of people. The fact is that Vikings never wore helmets during a war. Vikings have won a total of 31 awards out of 100 nominations. One must watch it to enjoy the real sceneries and intense fight sequences.

Planet earth lost its survivability in the early 200s because of nuclear blasts. 100 prisoners sent to earth from space to check its survivability in the 2100s. The specialty of this series is that there are many characters who were hated earlier but loved at the end. Fun fact is that Eliza jane, one of the protagonists in this series has never given an audition. The scenes where they face challenges they face and how they overcame it are simply extraordinary. One must watch it to experience a strange combination of science and kingship.

This is a simple story of a street gang and its enemies. This series is quite slow yet effective. This series has a lot to do with dialogue delivery and accent. Birmingham based accent is the stand out in this series. We can see Cillian Murphy smoking regularly in this series, where he revealed those are herbal rose cigarettes and has been informed by the crew that around 3000 are inhaled during each series. The artistic cinematography stands out and the only reason to watch this series is Cillian Murphy, who played the role of Thomas Shelby.

It is the story of a brilliant architect named Michael Scofield on his mission to break his brother Lincoln's burrows out of prison. You will fall in love with its brilliant writing one must watch this for the fair shape of plot twists. Prison Break is banned in at least 13 prisons that we know of – presumably because it's considered educational programming. While watching the series you will greatly admire Michael’s character for his smartness and kindness.

Dark is the first-ever German-language Netflix original series which is set-up in the hypothetical town of Winden. It is a suspense thriller which will keep you at the edge of your seat all the time as you watch it. The show is based on the concept of Time travel. Dark is a puzzle box inside another puzzle box and inside one more. Got a physics class coming up? See the Scooby team Rush in using a time machine inside a carpet bag. If you are a fan of science-fiction thriller, then this is definitely for you.

A group of friends experiences supernatural powers in a retro town. They get to meet a girl named eleven, who becomes their friend later on and they all try to expose illegal research near their town. The story opens up with an interesting plot and keeps the same phase throughout. This is one of the most liked TV series. It has won 63 awards on total out of 210 nominations. The way kids tackle those unconventional powers are a highlight of this series. Fun fact is that this show was rejected more than 15 times by various networks before Netflix.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S an American Sitcom aired 26 years ago and still remains to be the most engaging comedy classic. Now, this is a story of 6 regular friends lingering at a coffee shop and living their life as supposed to but there's more to it. The popularity of the show lies in the character's journeys and how they are there for one another in every walk. Friends' finale episode had a humongous 52.46 viewers at that time. But the essence lies in how the audience after 26years can still connect and relate to the characters, their friendship, comedy, fashion, emotions, and their life.

This is the story of a man hiring a bunch of criminals for a master heist. The professor, who is the leader of this heist will be the hawkeye monitoring cop’s every move. This series maintains its edge of the seat vibe throughout with its unique storytelling. The way the professor outruns the cops every time is the highlight of this series. The way every character its weightage is flawless and we get connected easily. Money Heist is the third most popular show on IMDB. Money heist won 29 awards on total out of 62 nominations. If you want to connect to every character with zero lag, then this is for you.

It is a fight between kingdoms claiming their right to the mighty iron throne. This is probably one of the best period dramas ever. There are few characters in this series that show an absolute fighting spirit especially Tyrion Lannister. Computer graphics are top-notch in this series. This show also focusses on girl power, showing a queen’s character towards slavery, inequality, and also a small girl’s experiences to get her revenge. Both were shown as a powerful character with love and kindness. We need to watch it to experience vintage European culture which is an eye feast. The show's seventh season regularly drew in over 10 million viewers to HBO. GOT won 269 awards on a total out of 738 nominations. Once you start watching it, the makes you binge-watch it.

It is the story of a 50-year-old man’s transformation phase from good to evil. Bryan Cranston, who played the protagonist role Walter white, learned in real how to cook meth with the help of D.E.A. One must watch it to experience the beautiful journey of a man from an ordinary chemistry teacher to a dictator of underworld narcotics. Every scene is perfectly crafted with exquisite cinematography. Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman are the two characters that stay with us forever. Breaking bad received 110 awards on total out of 262 nominations. Each and every character will make you awestruck with their performance.

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