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Ten best crime thriller novels of all time

This book was written by Novoneel Chakraborty, one of the well known fictional authors of India who is also known as "Sidney Sheldon of India". He is very special for his romantic thrillers that are mixed with philosophy and he is known for his strong female protagonist.

The story is about an eternal love story between Vanav Thakur and Aarisha Shergill. Vanav Thakur is a mysterious character in the story who is filled with rage. He then joins the army and takes violence to another level. Aarisha Shergill plays a dual role in this story where the first one was the lover of Vanav but gets married to another and moves to the US. Vanav could meet the second one only after the death of the first one.

Why is this book special? What makes it different from other suspense stories?

This book is something beyond our imagination. While reading, it raises lots of questions in our minds. The story goes at its own pace so, one should hold their nerve to know the truth. One would love and hate Vanav at the same time. Each character has got its vital role in the story and very well balanced. This story is a combination of unconditional love, insecurities, social issues, pain, etc. One finds it interesting with twists that hits your brain hard and makes you feel excited while going deep down into the story.

It is a detective fiction of Arthur Conan Doyle who created the character, Sherlock Holmes. This is one of the best known of the Sherlock Holmes novels. Sherlock Holmes is very intelligent, admired, and a master of detective reasoning in London. This story is told through Watson's point of view who is Holmes's assistant. Dr. Mortimer, their friend, once approached Holmes telling that one of the members of the most prestigious and wealthy family in Devonshire, Baskerville was murdered. The suspense of the story begins with the unusual clue that a supernatural bloodhound seemed to be the cause of his death due to the curse that is supposed to be on the Baskerville family.

The story becomes nail-biting while Sherlock Holmes dives deep into the mystery to know about this supernatural hound. The language used by Conan Doyle is very formal, nevertheless, there were times where it is quite hard to understand so, it is recommended to confident readers who enjoy mystery novels. The unique writing of Conan keeps the reader and the story intact. It is a very gripping story. Conan's detailed description of every movement that creates vivid pictures in readers' minds.

This book was written by Alex Michaelides, an author, and screenwriter. "The Silent Patient" was his first debut novel which was the #1 New York Times Bestseller of Hardcover Fiction. The story is about a silent patient, Alicia Berenson, a woman who has everything in life - a career as an artist, a perfect husband, and a beautiful house in London. She would do anything to please her husband. Incidentally, one day she ended her world shooting her husband and muted herself then on. She never felt like talking about what made her shoot her husband even during her trials in court. She was then lodged in a high security criminal psychiatric facility. She becomes "The silent patient".

Theo Faber, a psychiatrist never gave up on the silent patient and treated her above all odds he found every possible way to make her normal and speak about the day.  Meanwhile, we get to know more about Theo and his personal life which goes along with the pace of the story.

The story becomes more interesting every time you turn a page and unavoidable which makes one keep guessing what might have happened. Alicia's silence will make one more anxious to know the twist. The real twist isn't something mysterious but zeal remains the same till the end of the story. We would suggest you read the book prior movie.

This book was written by Dennis Lehane, an American full-time writer. Mystic River was also one of his books that got adapted into films. The genre of this book is suspense thriller and mystery.

The story revolves around three boys Sean Devine, Jimmy Marcus, and Dave Boyle. In their childhood, Dave got into a strange car and reappears after a couple of days, presumed to be the victim of molestation. Dave got completely devastated by that experience. Twenty-five years later, Sean becomes a homicide detective, Jimmy Marcus is a family man, they broke with Dave after that incident in the past. One day Jimmy's daughter gone missing and found murdered brutally, the same night Dave's wife saw him in blood. Sean Devine looked after this case where again three friends got involved. Why Mystic River?

Lehane was best at his profound characterization and narration. The way he described three different lives with various emotions and challenges were really impressive. It's an amazing story that keeps one turn pages and also makes one keep guessing the murderer. The story goes at its pace so that readers get a vivid picture of the characters and situations. This is one of the best-suggested books to all who are into thrillers.

This book was written by Dennis Lehane, an American full-time writer who was once worked as a counselor with mentally handicapped and abused children. He nearly published 13 novels that have been translated into more than 30 languages and become international bestsellers. The genre of this book is a suspense thriller, mystery, and psychological fiction.

Why one would love to read this book again and again?

U.S Marshell Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck were called upon an investigation of a missing patient to Shutter Island, the home of the criminally insane.  In the process of finding the missing patient, Teddy discovers that psychotropic drugs are being tested on criminals, meanwhile, his partner has gone missing. The author articulated the characters and their characterization in a brilliant way such that no one would dare put this book aside until they find the real twist. Readers cannot comprehend which is real and which is not and this is the beauty of Dennis narration. The author left the story ambiguous at the end which left to the reader's imagination whether Teddy is real or it's just a mere fantasy?

Shutter Island was one of his books that got adapted into films. It is always suggested to read this book before watching a movie.

             This book was written by Gillian Flynn, an American writer which became quite popular and soon made the "New York Times Best Seller List". Gone Girl is a thriller in the mystery and crime genres. The title itself suggests that the story is about a missing woman Amy. The suspense in the novel comes from whether her husband Nick Dunne is involved in her disappearance or not. The process of finding Amy and every progress in the investigation will put the readers on the edge of their seats.

 This story makes the readers frightened, intrigued, and disturbed at once, isn't this cool? Gillian Flynn is known for her plot twists and her ability to change the reader's way of comprehending her protagonists. When the story picks up the pace the readers would keep turning the pages till the end. This book is easy to read even for beginners. We recommend this book to all adults who are into mystery and crime genres.

This book was written by Daniel "Dan" Brown, an American writer. He is best known for his thriller fiction whose books have been translated into 52 languages. Some of his works like Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, and Inferno have been adopted as movies.

The physicist Leonardo Vetra who is working on antimatter(a bomb which is very powerful) is killed in one of the biggest physics centers of the world with the word "Illuminati" branded onto his chest. The mission of finding the murderer is taken by Robert Langdon who is a professor at Harvard and known for his studies on Illuminati(a secret society). He is accompanied by the Vittoria Vetra, the physicist's daughter in finding the murderer. In the process, It was found that the antimatter bomb was stolen from the physicist's lab. A messenger of the Illuminati announces he has hidden an antimatter bomb at Vatican City. Illuminati is the powerful underground organization that has surfaced to wage a vendetta against its most hated enemy, the Catholic Church.

REVIEW:  The story revolves around finding the murderer and stopping the destruction which would be caused by the antimatter bomb. Brown's research for this book and his subtle narration is appreciated. Though there are sometimes where the story loses its grip the author managed to keep his readers curious and suspenseful. Brown's writings do not include much logic but they are worth reading. We would suggest reading the book before watching the movie to experience the battle between science and religion.

Murder On The Orient Express is one of Agatha Christie's best works. Christie wrote almost more than 70 detective novels also short fiction. Her success earned her titles like "Queen of Crime" and "Queen of Mystery".

Murder on the Orient Express is a detective story and is undoubtedly one of Christie's greatest mystery novels. Hercule Poirot, the detective was once traveling in an Orient Express which was struck by a snowdrift at midnight, and surprisingly the very next morning an attendant encountered a dead body in one of the compartments. The entire story evolved in finding out the murderer. The way she articulated every character and their intuitions in the story is very much appreciated. Agatha Christie succeeded in drawing the reader's attention with her twists and turns. Yes, there were too many characters to remember nevertheless, the story would never disappoint one. The way she narrated the story is remarkable. Beginners may find it difficult to read and understand as it included French with a bit advanced level English. But it is very appreciated if one could find time to read it. This book is recommended to all who are into crime thrillers.

                        This book was written by one of the world's top-selling authors Agatha Christie. The story is about 10 people who got trapped in an Island who was never known to each other. To everyone's surprise, one by one soldier gets killed according to the poem "Ten Little Soldiers" that is framed in every room. This brings fear in them not knowing who is the murderer. 

How this story interests one? Each murder will take the reader to a different level of excitement where the reader gets completely indulged in the story. Agatha Christie is very brilliant in making the readers very anxious. One could feel the characters in her narration and could travel along with those characters. This is for which she earned titles like "Queen of Crime" and "Queen of Mystery".

It is recommended to the one who is into murder and mystery books. This book would be for someone who wants to figure things out and keep guessing what would happen next

                This book was written by Mario Puzo which was published in 1969. This was a bestselling tale of life in an Italian-American Mafia family that became a cultural phenomenon and inspired an Academy Award-winning movie trilogy. Vito Corleone grew up in Sicily and was called Don, or Godfather. He is a man whose life has been built on the blood of others, gets shot several times, and hospitalizes. Now, he requires a successor to pass his business. Here the plot begins, The Godfather is the story of succession, of one generation to the next. Most of the story describes Godfather's mindset, philosophies, and his version of honor. Puzo's trick is to romanticize the mafia life and that period altogether.

why it is so special?

This book is so special because the three iconic characters Vito, Sonny, and Michael teach us strategies and tactics in a competitive economy. This book helps us learn about Italian culture, the passion, the intimacy, the love of music and art, and food. It also teaches you how to be strong when you are betrayed. This book is recommended to all crime loves and confident readers.

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