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Ten Best ways to master your emotions.

Hey everybody! Hope you all are good and sound. This pandemic had made many lives miserable. Some got physically effected and some mentally. So, here we came up with an idea to help people dealing with their uncontrolled emotions. We found it very much important to talk about "EMOTIONS". We might be dealing with different kinds of emotions in our daily life but how many of us acknowledge them? We rather fix them as daily routine and the next morrow it repeats. Incidentally, it isn't the way to deal with emotions that are beyond our control also it isn't something to get fixed in a day, rather it requires practice. Here are a few steps to balance your emotions and deal with them. Hope you find it useful.

Initially, it is very important to understand your normal emotions from uncontrolled. It's okay to feel overwhelmed when you hear good news or terrible news, it's okay to roll down tears sometimes, it's okay to react instinctively to certain situations.

When we can know about uncontrolled emotions?

             The emotions which affect your life both physically and mentally are uncontrolled. When the emotions get out of hand then it would be difficult to concentrate on one particular thing and we start messing up things at the workplace or school, relationship conflicts, physical or emotional outbursts whatnot.

So, take some time for yourself and figure out how your physical and mental condition is. Let you know the impact of those emotions in your daily life, this helps you know how to react.

Could you imagine yourself with zero emotions? No, right! Usually, when people are dealing with uncontrolled emotions they try to suppress/repress emotions which prevent them from expressing feelings. This in turn affects physical and mental health like sleep-deprived, depression, stress, and lowers your self-esteem. 

You need to practice controlling your emotions to bring change in yourself and for long-term well-being. Emotions play a vital role in one's life, One should not let these emotions have control over them and one should not abandon them completely because life is all about balancing things.

You might be experiencing negative vibes in a day that might stop you from liberating or might shutter you sometimes. So, this is something to be fixed straight away. Many find it insane talking to themselves, but this would be the best thing that you could to yourself.

When riots of emotions are going through your mind take a pause, sit alone, take deep breathe and question yourself "what are you doing?", "what you are supposed to do?", "How is your behavior affecting your life?",  "How to cope up with your emotions?". Talking to yourself is the only better way to know yourself and understand your problems better.

Certain situations seem like no matter at all for others but it does to you and it is completely okay. Forgetting the keys, got stuck in traffic, problems at the workplace, etc may frustrate you but venting your outrage or vexing may cost you many valuable relationships.

Try finding alternate solutions, maintain a box for keys which could help you find them easily, start 10 minutes early if you do not want to get stuck in traffic. For every problem, there will be a solution until you know your problem. No matter how big or how small the problem is, the concern is about how well you understood the problem. The better you can figure out the things that bother you, the better you can find solutions.

Journaling helps to understand what you are dealing with more precisely. Letting your thoughts and fears flow on a piece of paper reduces your pain and stress. It also helps you recognize the things that have been triggering you and learn better ways to control them. It is an opportunity for positive self-talk. This literally unleashes unwanted worries and stress from you.

Emotions are not always bad. It's basically a human trait to react instinctively no matter the place/situation. But there are certain situations where one needs to choose their words very carefully before they speak, where one needs to be patient over venting.

So, whatever the situation might be, when something is bothering you very badly take a deep breath count numbers ten then react. This helps to slow down your pulse rate and keeps you normal. The more you spend time regulating your emotions, the more confident you will be to handle discomfort and could make healthy choices. It helps you grow mentally stronger.

There is a saying "Never reply when you are angry. Never make a promise when you are happy. Never make a decision when you are sad". For everything, there will be a particular time when to react and how to react. For example, when situations are not under your control it isn't suggested to take an immediate decision rather wait for the right time or turn the situation favorable to you.

If you think of fights with your loved ones, sometimes it is really hard to explain things to people when they are not ready to listen. Some people take time to understand things, so be it, but it is not accepted or appreciated to vent this frustration and anger at your colleagues, staff, family members else anybody. Take time to understand your problems and deal with it else for any quick fix, just leave that place and do what makes you relieve from the pain may be like long walks, having coffee or anything and keep your relationships intact.

 In this busy scheduled life, one forgets to have time for themselves and this is why people are facing issues in managing their emotions. If you have no idea of your problem how one could find a solution? Incidentally, some people compare themselves with someone else which is very pathetic, and think that they are not being loved else they are not pretty much enough to be loved, but all the while how many of you love yourself? If you don't love yourself then do not expect somebody to love you.

You the one who can take better care of yourself. When your loved one left you or any disturbances in the family do not let yourself devastated because life is always challenging dear. Stop languishing in thoughts that shutters you down try to divert your mind, go for a walk and feel the nature, listen to the music, watch a good movie, or funny video else if you have got any talent to try enhancing it.

You need to take time to embrace yourself and let you out from all fears. Appreciate yourself for what you are. This helps you form more connected relationships and treat yourself more kindly.

Do yoga, people will be dealing with lots of works throughout the day. This can make one lack peace of mind, some may get frustrated, some may become overwhelmed. So, to pace your emotions with your daily life yoga really helps you a lot. It deals with mental relaxation and concentration.

Some may find it difficult to do asanas they can opt for meditation. Practicing yoga helps to have control over your mind and emotions, it enhances self-awareness and increases positivity in self. There are also many other health benefits.

Share your problems with your loved one. Sharing helps in relieving your pain and relaxes your mind. Some may be judgemental so, pick the right one who can understand your situation better. If not consult a psychiatrist.

Consulting a psychiatrist does not mean that you are abnormal or have gone mad, one needs to overcome the stigma attached to mental illness and break the taboo of consulting a psychiatrist which is completely normal. A doctor is the only one who can help you and understand your problems actually when everything is out of your hand.

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